What to consider when choosing a welder and welding mask?

Welders and auto-darkening helmets are inseparable attributes of every professional welder, but also a DIY enthusiast. The products from this category available in the Wasserman offer are distinguished by innovation and the use of modern solutions. Thanks to them, the welding process becomes easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

What to consider when choosing a welder and welding mask?

When choosing a welding machine, you should pay attention to parameters such as its portability, weight and operating costs. So let's get interested in electric-inverter welders. What distinguishes them from traditional transformer devices is their lightness, more convenient, safer and cheaper operation and better efficiency.

Before buying a helmet, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the auto-darkening welding masks. It is an intelligent invention in which the eye-protecting eye becomes instantly obscured by intense light. This gives the user freedom of hand movement as he does not have to constantly lower and raise the helmet.

Welders and welding masks from well-known manufacturers - Geko, Powermat

Auto-darkening welding machines and helmets available in the Wasserman store are products of well-known and respected brands. The Powermat inverter welder is a handy and light device that allows you to connect various types of metals and alloys. It is equipped with a fan cooling components, a thermal sensor to protect against overheating and an LCD display. Such equipment should undoubtedly be in every workshop.

The Geko welding mask, available in the Wasserman range, successfully protects the face and eyes against ultraviolet and infrared radiation, heat and spatter. Its most important function is the automatic dimming of the visor when exposed to strong light. This solution affects the comfort of using the helmet and its functionality. The mask offers a wide field of view, adjusts itself to the welding mode and charges the battery thanks to solar cells.