Compressors and aggregates

How often does it happen that something needs to be painted in the house, but the very thought of this work makes us feel faint? Such a process would require many hours of applying paint with brushes and rollers, heavy labor and splashing the apartment. You can always hire a renovation team for this purpose, but sometimes it makes no sense to overpay for something that you can easily do yourself. How? Using a workshop compressor. In the Wasserman store, you can find high-quality models of air compressors that will greatly facilitate painting and varnishing of various surfaces.

Painting sets

Painting kits available in the Wasserman store allow you to apply layers of paints, varnishes or impregnants to painted surfaces. The operation of such devices is very simple, thanks to which you can quickly and conveniently paint walls, balustrades, car bodies and radiators. The air compressor breaks the varnish or paint into smaller particles and, under the influence of high pressure, throws them out onto the surface to be covered. It can be used to apply emulsions, latex paints, varnishes, impregnations or acrylics. The condition is to use substances intended for spray painting, having the appropriate degree of viscosity. Interestingly, the portable compressor can also be used for activities as versatile as inflating a mattress.

Compressors from a well-known manufacturer - Powermat

The oil compressors offered in the Wasserman store are products of the renowned Powermat brand. These devices can be successfully used both in professional services and in home workshops. With compressed air, you can not only conveniently apply even layers of paint, but also clean dirt from hard-to-reach places. Oil compressors are characterized by quiet operation and solid construction. Painting with them allows you to avoid unnecessary clutter and significantly speed up work. Skilful use of them guarantees quick and convenient application of equal layers of varnishes and paints. The wide range of applications of such equipment clearly proves that it is worth having it at hand.