Are you annoyed by loose cables under the TV every day? Have your wheel covers on your new car been stolen and you are afraid that the situation will happen again because you live in a housing estate with notoriety? Or maybe you are planning a bank robbery and, like many Hollywood movies, are you looking for durable material with which you will be able to bind hostages? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are missing zip ties in your life (although we honestly advise against robbing banks - with or without bands).

What the clamps have joined together, let no man separate

Nylon zip ties are thin, long strips of webbing that use a simple, yet extremely effective, ratchet mechanism. One end is ended with a head through which the other end is threaded, and as the tape moves through the head, the loop tightens, and the next latches lock, which prevents the band from being unfastened. Despite their inconspicuous structure, the bands are extremely durable and resistant to the destructive effects of external factors (such as light, temperature or erosion). The ratchet mechanism makes it impossible to open them again, and the solid material from which the ties were made does not allow them to be broken - only cutting the plastic clamp band breaks the loop created earlier - according to the principle "what the clamps connect, let no man separate".

Products from the well-known manufacturer Conotech

Plastic brand tightening straps Conotech They are available in two color variants (black and white) and are sold in sets of one hundred in a pack. So no matter how many cables we bundle, how many hubcaps we want to protect or how many people we decide to kidnap (again: we strongly advise against any illegal activities that may affect the health and life of other people), the set of bands in the selected color will be able to meet our needs. Cable ties are used both in indoor and outdoor works (e.g. in gardening), although originally - just after being patented in 1958 by Thomas & amp; Betts - used to connect cables in airplanes. Some models are equipped with a lever that allows you to close and open the clamps of the band any number of times.