Impact hammers

A drill is a tool that must appear in every home. It is used not only during general renovations, but also every day. Furniture and decorations attached to the walls can usually be found only thanks to wall plugs. To use them, you need precision-drilled holes. And that an ordinary drill may not be able to handle such hard materials as concrete or metal, it is best to immediately equip your workshop with a hammer drill. It is a device that combines two functions and thus works in different situations.

Rotary hammers for special tasks

The rotary hammer combines all the features of a classic drill with a forging function. Thanks to this, we can easily make holes in brick, stone next to concrete. Of course, it will also be useful for lighter jobs, such as drilling in delicate surfaces: wood or ceramics. However, what distinguishes an electric hammer drill from a conventional drill is the forging function. It is thanks to it that you can easily prepare the walls for pulling cables. This solution also allows drilling in walls without having to press the drill to their surface. When using the device, we can smoothly adjust its speed, as well as use various types of security or locks to facilitate work.

Impact hammers from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Powermat

Impact hammer drills available in the Wasserman store come from assortments of renowned manufacturers. Devices Powermat  are characterized by high durability and efficiency. Thanks to their resistance to intensive use, they will serve us for many years. Impact hammers Dedra  in turn, they are technologically advanced power tools that meet all safety standards. Such equipment is reliable in both installation and demolition works. It is distinguished by its light weight, ergonomic design and solid construction. Due to these properties, the Dedra hammer drill is ideal for even the most difficult work.