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In the power tools section you will find all kinds of tools. From milling machines to sharpeners, hammers, saws and pistols. We have all the tools from proven manufacturers that have been on the market for several years. Tools made of decent materials and with guarantees. Power tools are not only useful for specialists, everyone should have at home at least basic tools, because you never know when and what will be useful. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of power tools in the Wasserman store.

sharpeners , keys and milling machines from a known manufacturer - Powermat
Our sharpeners are characterized by efficiency and simple operation. Powermat sharpeners have a solid construction and will serve us for many years. We will use them to sharpen the chain as well as various drills. Sharpeners are also a great solution to the problem of blunt knives and scissors. Instead of buying new knives, drills or chains, it will be cheaper to go shopping with Wasserman .. Wasserman's offer also includes milling machines Powermat. They are durable and efficient. They are characterized by considerable power, variable speed with a considerable range and low weight. A manual router will be useful for both carpenters and sculptors. Electric keys available in our offer are distinguished by their low weight and ergonomic design. They have a solid housing, which is followed by the durability of the device and their service life. Impact wrenches allow smooth adjustment of the tightening and loosening of bolts. Painting sets available in this section allow you to paint with paints, varnishes or impregnates. Air compressor breaks varnish or paint into particles that are thrown onto the surface under high pressure. In addition, such a portable compressor can also be used to pump a mattress. Oil compressors offered in the Wasserman store are Powermat products.

Burners for leather and wood, soldering irons and glue guns - Xtreme . Geko . Dedra . Hogert
soldering iron allows for durable and tight joining of metal elements with solder. And February has the fact that they are melting at a lower temperature than the surfaces to be joined and thus remain intact. Leather and wood burner will help in creating elegant ornaments on products made of these materials. A burner is a device equipped with a heated stylus, by means of which patterns are burned. And the Xtreme soldering station and Geko burner are products of valued brands. Glue gun Hogert will allow us to solidly connect wooden, plastic and leather elements. The Dedra glue gun will not only seal materials, but also seal them. In our store you will also find hand saws from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Powermat. And for cleaning there is nothing like a vacuum cleaner, in this department we sell industrial vacuum cleaners from well-known manufacturers - Dedra . Pans . Industrial vacuum cleaners Dedra are characterized by high efficiency and solid construction. The water filters used in them ensure maximum efficiency of dust removal. Industrial vacuum cleaners for Pansam gypsum will be useful when cleaning very small impurities, such as, for example, dust generated during grinding or removing old paint coatings. But on the shelves of the store there are not only vacuum cleaners, there are also filters, separators and fireplace accessories. Vacuum cleaners sold in our store have an additional filter in the sets and various replaceable tips. Electric knives for cutting foamed polystyrene - Xtreme available in the Wasserman store, come from the assortment of well-known manufacturers. For example, a device from the Xtreme brand is a handy tool at a very affordable price. The Dedra Styrofoam knife, a bit more advanced equipment, will allow you to adjust the temperature, and the slider will allow you to set the appropriate blade length.

Impact hammers from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Powermat

Rotary Hammers impact drills available in the Wasserman store come from assortments of renowned manufacturers. Powermat has products characterized by high durability and performance. Dedra impact hammers are technologically advanced, reliable power tools both in installation and demolition works. In addition to hammers, saws are sometimes necessary. Reciprocating saws in our store come from a well-known manufacturer - Powermat. Powermat is a guarantee of efficiency and easy operation. It is worth equipping your workshop with a tool of this type, because it is useful in many situations. Chain saws we also get from these reputable and well-known manufacturers - John Gardener, Powermat Verto , Dedra
In addition to electric and battery saws in the Wasserman store, you will find petrol chainsaws In home ponds, in domestic sewage treatment plants or in the household, pump to water and septic tank. You will find a wide selection of pumps and accessories for them. If you need to rectifier or uninterruptible power supply then you will definitely find the perfect one for you. Power supplies and rectifiers are supplied by companies such as Intex . Kemot , Powermat, VOLT, Geko . Blow . quer . VIPs . welders and welding masks self-darkening products available in the Wasserman store are products of well-known and respected brands. Each welder can get a mask with us, even a sight that everyone can see. In this section there are inverter welders next to each other, professional electric carpentry planes, wood grinders known producers - Dedra, Vulcan concept, gypsum grinders multi-functional grinders, jigsaws and screwdriver . Really, only a very grumpy person will not find the tool he needs in this section.