Aerosol, adhesive, ultrasonic repellent lamps from companies

Some people do not mind at all when something near their heads flies, they are not irritated by the buzzing and insects sitting on everything. And some are driven almost furious as soon as something near their ear rings. Not everyone tolerates mice, moles or other rodents around their home. And for these individuals we have all sorts of repellents. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of repellents and other preparations for pests in the Wasserman store

Aerosol, adhesive, ultrasonic repellent lamps from companies bros
 Among the rich offer preparations for flying pests  every buyer will find the best preparation for himself. Aerosol preparations are extremely effective and act quickly. Aerosols available in our offer will effectively help you get rid of flies, mosquitoes and ants. If you do not like aerosols, you can always choose traditional and known for years sticking insect bands. If you are distracted by the view of hanging patches with glued flies, you can choose the adhesive in the form of an aesthetic sticker on the window covered with the active substance. For those who attach great importance to the arrangement in their living room, we offer decorative tiles to combat ants and flying insects. Their subtle and elegant design makes Duo-Decor tiles fit into any room. Wasserman could not miss the extremely popular preparations in the form of a contact insert. Gradually, the active substance released from them will protect the rooms both during the day and at night. We all know how bothersome are not only flying ones, but also fast ones, such as ants. The preparation in the feeder will help here. The poison is ready to use right away.

Insecticide lamps , floats or chopsticks, or maybe ultrasounds?
 The spray for combating wasps and hornets and destroying their nests is a unique valve design that allows us to spray from a distance of 5 m and this definitely affects our safety and comfort. High-quality rodent control granules will help get rid of such pests very quickly. Granules retain their durability and food attractiveness for a long time. You will also find carbide in the form of granules. In contrast, mosquito repellent sticks work well around the table. Mole repellent is recommended, it has no impact on the environment and is humane because it works by emitting a sound unpleasant for a blind rodent. You can purchase the same humane repellent for your car, it also uses the principle of ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves emitted by such a repellent attack the auditory and nervous system of most pests and thus effectively repel intruders. Among the various items on the shelves of our store that protect your home from pests, the insecticide lamp proudly prides itself. It's a great way to get rid of bothersome flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, flies and flies from your home, surroundings or work place. Such lamps are effective, cheap and safe and also take up little space. If you have a child at home, protect his delicate skin from bites by choosing a liquid against bites. Remember! For children over one year old.