Charging regulators

If you want to protect the batteries of off-grid systems against both overcharging and too deep discharges, get a decent charge regulator. It is an advanced device that ensures good condition of your energy installation and the security of the whole house. In the Wasserman store, you will equip your apartment with multi-functional and intuitive controllers that will be used in solar systems. Such comprehensive solutions ensure energetic independence.

Regulators with maximum power point tracking function

The charging controllers available in the Wasserman offer are distinguished by the use of advanced technology. It manifests itself even in the function of tracking the maximum power point. The intelligent system allows you to fully use the energy produced by the solar panel. The maximum power point is located very quickly, regardless of weather conditions. Importantly, the device stores data, which even after 450 days can be entered into a computer to be analyzed. Thanks to this function you will learn such parameters as:

  • charging power,
  • charge level
  • generated energy,
  • battery voltage,
  • voltage on modules.

Products of a well-known manufacturer - EpSolar

The charging regulators that you will find in the Wasserman assortment are products of a well-known brand EpSolar . It specializes in photovoltaic systems. The narrow spectrum of activity means that her articles are made with attention to the smallest details. High-quality components translate into trouble-free equipment and its maximum performance. EpSolar controllers contribute to better exploitation of energy obtained from solar panels. So they are great, for example, in summer houses or allotments. The off-grid system equipped with a charge regulator guarantees independence from the power plant. If your installation is exposed to frequent power outages, it is worth choosing such a solution. In this way you gain confidence that you will not run out of electricity even when the solar panels have nothing to get it from.