Wiring channels

Do you run cables around the apartment and you don't want to forge walls to hide them? The solution to this problem are wiring channels. They provide easy access to the cables, have favorable physical properties, and above all allow for non-invasive and aesthetic cable pulling throughout the apartment. In the Wasserman store you will find PVC wiring channels in various sizes, so you can easily adapt them to your needs.

Wiring strips

On the one hand, the wiring ducts perform an aesthetic function because they allow to hide unattractive looking wires. On the other hand, they play a protective role because they protect cables against the negative influence of external factors. They reduce the risk of breaking or seizing them. They are easy to install - all you need is the right glue. It is a permanent and stable solution, which at the same time does not limit access to cables. Each strip can be opened thanks to a specially constructed latch. Replacing cables hidden in the walls is definitely a more difficult task. PVC electrical ducts are also characterized by high durability - they are resistant to both high and low temperatures, as well as mechanical damage.

Products of a well-known manufacturer - TT Plast

Installation strips available in the Wasserman offer are products of a reputable brand TT Plast . A narrow specialization focusing on articles made of PVC means that these channels are of exceptional quality. They are produced with attention to detail, thanks to which they enjoy durability and reliability. Their smooth surface is very easy to keep clean, but also great for painting. This way you can easily adjust the color of the wiring channels to the color of the walls. Different sizes of strips will allow you to hide both thin cables and those with a much larger diameter. So make your life easier and equip your apartment with installation ducts that will allow you to positively influence the aesthetics of the interior.