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Fuses are the basic elements that protect electrical devices and their users. In the Wasserman store you will find both screw-in fuses and circuit breakers. They are easy to use and guarantee effective operation. They protect the electrical installation against short circuits that could result in a house fire. In turn, another type protects network users against electric shock.

How to replace the fuse?

The main task of the fuse is to immediately disconnect electricity in the event of overvoltage or overload. When the voltage surges, it reduces the resistance, which cuts off the home installation from the power grid. Meanwhile, excess energy is grounded. Modern automatic fuses do not need to be replaced - just switch the plastic levers to position 1. If you are still using traditional plugs (fuses), cut off the power by unscrewing the main fuse. Then unscrew this burned out and make sure its condition. If the wire on the border has burned out, you can throw it away. In its place, screw in a new one, with the same rating: 10A (red border), 16A (silver), 20A (blue), 25A (gold). However, it is better to invest in automatic surge arresters - in older installations you can opt for a screw-in option.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Contact Simon, Smart, Schneider Electric

Fuses available in the Wasserman store are products of well-known brands that guarantee the smooth operation of their products. In the assortment next to surge arresters Smart  residual current circuit breakers were also found Schneider Electric . These provide protection against electric shock in both direct and indirect contact. Business Contact Simon  in turn, it supplies traditional screw-in fuses, which, however, are characterized by automatic operation. The articles of these manufacturers are characterized by solid construction and the use of high-quality components.