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It has long been difficult to imagine a household where modern household appliances do not work. The Wasserman online store is a place where you can buy all the necessary accessories from this category for your home or apartment. Our assortment includes cheap built-in household appliances, as well as free-standing appliances and small electric "helpers" for the kitchen. Household appliances help us in all household activities, from making morning coffee, without which many people cannot imagine the day, to washing for the whole family and washing dishes after a hearty dinner.

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Why is it worth buying home appliances online? First of all, it is a cheap and convenient solution, especially that when it comes to furnishing and modernizing your home, few issues require such important considerations as household appliances. The Wasserman online store offers a very wide selection of accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, hygiene and care, as well as solutions for the youngest. When you buy home appliances online in our store, you can compare many models and find in one place everything you will need in your household without leaving your home and having to visit many stationary stores. We guarantee that all household appliances and not only are immediately available in our warehouse, which significantly speeds up the time of order fulfillment and delivery to the indicated address in Poland or another European country.

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Our motto "Everything for Everyone" also perfectly describes the household appliances available in our online store. Regardless of whether you live in a single-family house or an apartment in a block of flats, we made sure that the proven and cheap household appliances available in our store will meet all the needs of the household. Our offer includes products for the home, kitchen, for children, air conditioning, heating elements and similar accessories. In numerous categories, we have collected built-in household appliances, free-standing household appliances and small appliances included in this category. We hope that thanks to them the preparation of dishes will become even faster and more convenient. We want laundry for the whole family to run efficiently and economically. We also supply typical household appliances, as well as home heating and air conditioning equipment. In the Wasserman store you will also find everything that will help you keep your home in the necessary cleanliness. We also thought about the youngest by providing equipment and accessories for children and babies, including baby walkers and electric nannies. Devices such as gas and smoke detectors will help to increase the level of family safety in the house or apartment.