Antenna power supplies

He's standing on the roof, messing about with the antenna. She is leaning out of the window and shouting instructions that are supposed to improve the image quality. The TV does nothing to their efforts and continues to snow at its best, thus proving the popular statement that inanimate things are malignant. Such pictures from everyday life are a thing of the past, because analog TV is becoming forgotten, replaced by digital TV. And in the case of digital television, signal problems are easily solved by the antenna power supply.

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A weak signal is not the end of the world, everything is fixable. The strength and quality of the signal transmitted from the antenna can be improved by using an amplifier connected to the antenna power supply for the TV. If such a device is connected to the receiver, it is worth making sure that it works properly - this will be evidenced by the burning light on the brand device housing Blow . The stabilized power supply for the antenna is equipped with a coaxial cable that leads the signal between the amplifier's output and the OTV antenna input, which is achieved thanks to the use of a power splitter. TV antenna power supplies can work without interruption and have the option of adjusting the output voltage, which may be useful when we decide to influence the strength of the adjustable antenna amplifier.

Who needs an antenna power supply?

Every user of a home TV network needs an amplifier, which in turn is powered by the antenna power supply, which we plug on one side to the TV and on the other to the contact. In the past, a weak signal on analog TV was manifested by the appearance of "groats" on the screen, a phenomenon popularly known as "snowing". In the era of digital television, such an "atmospheric phenomenon" will not affect us, but we may encounter a significant drop in the quality of the program received (screen contaminated with "pixelosis"), an unexpected change of colors or a freeze frame unwanted by the viewer and unplanned by the creators (image freezing). A regulated power supply will help us regain the appropriate image quality. All this so that we can enjoy our favorite programs and movies of the highest quality.