Carbon monoxide smoke detectors

In the Wasserman store you will find devices that will ensure the safety of your homes and apartments. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and gas detectors are equipment that can save lives for a relatively small price. They will work in any home, regardless of how it is heated. Smoke detectors detect smoke that is generated in the initial stage of a fire and effectively alert the household through sound and light signals. On the other hand, carbon monoxide and gas sensors will be useful in homes where space or water is heated by a gas installation.

Carbon monoxide sensors from well-known manufacturers - Kidde . Ferguson

The Wasserman shop offers you sensors for gas, smoke or carbon monoxide cutting . A home gas detector is an important device as the combustion of liquid, gaseous or solid fuels carries the risk of an excess of CO. Let's invest in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and place them in the boiler room, but also next to devices that heat water in the bathroom or kitchen. The models sold in our store are equipped with an LCD screen, which allows you to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide on an ongoing basis. Chad (carbon monoxide) is a "silent killer", it is colorless and does not emit any smell, so it is difficult to avoid it. We recommend the Kidde carbon monoxide sensor, it is one of the best sensors on our market. Exceeding the permissible level of CO will be signaled by a red LED and a loud, pulsating sound with a strength of 85 dB. The sensor is powered by batteries and mains. We can hang it on the wall and it can also lie on a flat surface. The warranty is up to 7 years!

Smoke detectors Satel

If you put on appropriate security in your home, you will be able to sleep well.

A good fire alarm system does not have to be expensive, all you need is a decent detector that reacts to the risk of fire. Early warning can save lives and prevent the fire from spreading over a wider area. The principle of operation of such a device is very simple. The built-in detector senses too much smoke or high temperature in the room in which it is located and then signals it with light or sound. The photoelectric detector of visible smoke and the redundant temperature sensor are highly sensitive. And the design of the measuring chamber and the precise Hexamesh filter made of stainless steel prevent dirt and small insects from getting inside the detector. The smoke detectors, apart from being powered from the mains, can also be powered by batteries, which makes them independent of the mains. Devices of this type sold by us are easy to install and use, and have a function informing about the need to replace the sensor or a defect or battery discharge.