Radiotelephones and PMR

Two-way radios are an alternative to telephone communication. It's completely free communication between users. The Wasserman store offers a wide range of two-way radios and walkie-talkies. By choosing this type of communication, you can choose between devices that support the PMR band and walkie-talkies that work on UHF or VHF frequencies.

Walkie-talkies from famous manufacturers - Baofeng . Intek . Vordon

choosing radiotelephone First of all, pay attention to its resistance to external conditions and the capacity of the battery. The Wasserman store offers VHF / UHF radios, radios PMR, scanners and various accessories and additions to them, such as: meters, device programming cables, pagers, chargers and batteries. Professional walkie-talkies from brands such as Boafeng, Intek or Vordon are characterized by reliability and durability and are equipped with a number of functions necessary in difficult conditions. Some models have built-in flashlights or the ability to charge the batteries. VHF / UHF radios have the function of selection codes guaranteeing more privacy during calls. Having a PMR radiotelephone will facilitate communication in all conditions, without the limitations of the cellular network. Our walkie-talkies will provide you with communication in the range of several hundred meters to even several kilometers, and you can use them completely for free. They work well during bicycle trips, group trips or trips to the mountains, regardless of whether it is in the country or abroad.

Scanners and pagers from well-known manufacturers - CRT . Uniden

scanner broadband is a simple device that allows you to listen to analog and digital transmissions on different bands. The functioning of the scanner resembles radios used by uniformed services, but is limited only to receiving the signal. The broadband receivers available in our offer are made of high quality materials and are characterized by a very long service life. Radio scanners look for both short and medium and long waves. Two brands that provide high-quality equipment dominate the market of radio frequency scanners, and you will find such equipment in our store. Devices at affordable prices, fully professional, are available in portable or stationary versions. Some catch only analog signals, but the most modern ones will enable scanning of digital signals. Check out the offer of the Wasserman store, where you can find high-quality, yet easy-to-use broadband scanners.