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Nowadays, television must recognize the superiority of the Internet. There is no more impact than it has had in previous decades. However, this does not change the fact that the TVs themselves are as good as ever. People are still willing to invest in them, because these devices offer more and more amenities. The most important of them include smart TV functions or built-in DVB-T decoders that allow you to receive a free terrestrial digital signal. In the Wasserman store you can buy excellent HD LCD TVs, which are distinguished by an attractive value for money.

Small LCD TVs with DVB-T

The small LCD TV, available in the Wasserman offer, has a compact design and dimensions that allow you to take it with you on a journey. The range also includes devices with screens reaching 24 inches in size. Everyone will find a model that perfectly suits their needs. On the one hand, you can buy a portable LCD TV with DVB-T, and on the other, a screen suitable for home use. The devices have built-in tuners, thanks to which it is possible to receive free terrestrial television without buying additional equipment. They are also equipped with such amenities as USB ports, HDMI and even smart TV functions.

LCD TVs from well-known manufacturers - Kruger-Matz, Import

The LCD TV sets Wasserman stocks, among others, from the well-known manufacturer Kruger-Matz. These devices are equipped with a number of useful functions and are characterized by unique aesthetics. They not only allow comfortable sessions, but also look great. Their minimalist design easily fits into the elegant interior design. They are a universal platform for digital entertainment. You can use them to watch TV, movies from the computer, recordings from external media or series from streaming libraries. An HD LCD TV is a must have in every apartment - no matter if you watch TV or not. Modern models no longer limit us in this matter.