12V gel batteries are a variety of lead-acid batteries with gel electrolyte, which was created as a result of mixing sulfuric acid with silica. They are characterized by a number of advantages, and among them can be mentioned that they do not require electrolyte refilling, because the gel used does not evaporate or leak. Compared to traditional batteries, they do not require standing upright and are more resistant to extreme temperatures or mechanical damage.

Which car battery should I choose?

Facing the decision to buy a battery, we often wonder what is better - 12V gel batteries or AGM batteries. In the former, the electrolyte is gelled sulfuric acid, in the latter, a glass mat separator is used to absorb the electrolyte. Both types prevent electrolyte leakage from a mechanically damaged device, but it is AGM batteries that are more powerful when discharged by high currents. That is why they have wider application. Gel batteries are not used as high power sources, especially at lower temperatures. They are used in mobile electronics, golf carts, forklifts or cleaning machines, as well as in stationary battery rooms.

Gel batteries from well-known manufacturers - Vipow

Gel batteries in the Wasserman store are manufactured by well-known companies that enjoy wide recognition. Vipow devices are characterized by solid construction and the use of high quality materials. They differ in terms of capacity and dimensions. Car gel batteries are best suited for vehicles equipped with many electrical devices, because they are dedicated to slower but deeper power consumption. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the attractive Wasserman store offer, where you can find the best quality Vipow gel batteries. They constitute an innovative technological solution and guarantee reliability and safety of use.