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In the car power section you will find everything that drives, powers and gives a "kick" in your car. It is known that without a car the car will not move, without a converter, the equipment will not work and if it works, it can discharge, so chargers will be needed. You will find all this in our offer.

 What batteries can you find with us?

batteries  you can buy gel and AGM, what is the difference and what will be right? The AGM battery has more power when discharged by high currents. That is why it has definitely wider application. Gel batteries will not be used as high power sources, especially at lower temperatures. Instead, they are widely used in mobile electronics, golf carts, forklifts or cleaning machines, as well as in stationary battery rooms. You will find gel batteries from our shelves - VIPs . You need jumper cables to get your car moving, brands are sold here - Blow . Volt . The range also includes a set of necessary tools that should be in every car. If you need a starter then you do not have to look elsewhere, in our department you will find starters equipped with flashlights, so handling the battery clamps will be easy even after dark. And if you need to charge the battery it Chargers  for 12V gel batteries. which are on our shelves will be a great choice. They are resistant to short circuits, overloads and reverse pole connections, as well as the fast charging function.

 Rectifiers and converters from well-known manufacturers - Blow . Powermat . Volt, VIPs

 The Wasserman store is available rectifiers  rechargeable batteries for lead-acid batteries and those with AGM markings. They are ideal for charging batteries in cars, caravans or gardening equipment. The Wasserman store offer is more than just chargers or battery cables, it is also automotive power converters that can be used for various electronic devices. Thanks to the right plug you can connect them to the cigarette lighter socket. And pro-lighter, it is good to have a cigarette lighter splitter on hand that will allow you to connect several devices to it. This accessory is useful when more electronic equipment needs power. The splitter can be installed anywhere in the car, thus increasing travel comfort. Whereas Blow car chargers,  Kemot . Baofeng . Maclean they are characterized by interesting design, aesthetics and small size. You will find everything you need in our car, home and garden, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the assortment presented on the store's website.