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You hear more and more about stopping traffic pirates thanks to their recording. Such materials are usually created using car route recorders. On the one hand, such devices are a way to prove someone's misconduct, on the other - a solution that allows you to document the distance traveled. Why would we need such a gadget? For the same reason we travel with cameras - such a film, when properly assembled, can be an excellent holiday souvenir. That is why in the Wasserman store you can buy innovative car cameras with a recorder.

Car camera with recorder

Recording a route with a video recorder is a simple way to protect yourself while traveling. In this way, it is easy to obtain evidence in a possible dispute - for example in the event of a bump or any road collision. In the event that another driver does not want to plead guilty, we can prove it to him through the recording. Often, quite by accident we also register the offenses committed by road pirates. Thanks to video materials we can contribute to eliminating such cases and increasing road safety. The car video recorders available in the Wasserman offer guarantee high quality recordings, thanks to which you will not miss any detail!

Recorders of well-known manufacturers - Ferguson, Vordon, Media-tech

Car cameras with recorder, which can be found in the Wasserman assortment, are products of well-known brands specializing in electronics. Vordon  provides, among others, video recorders for driving in rearview mirrors. They have the function of automatic memory release, thanks to which the oldest recordings are deleted and replaced by the most recent ones. This means that the device never stops recording trips. Media-tech  in turn, it offers more classic solutions - cameras with a wide-angle lens, which do not limit the field of view of the driver. Also noteworthy are the high-quality brand equipment Ferguson .