Home cinema

Welcome to the section Home cinema . You will find here speakers, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers ... In a word, everything that is necessary to enjoy watching movies or listening to music.

Wireless bluetooth speakers, portable with radio

In the Wasserman store you will find a wide selection of products with the latest technology. Speakers portable bluetooth, equipped with USB inputs and mciroSD memory card readers. Such portable bluetooth speakers can be operated using the buttons on them, but you can also control them using a smartphone or tablet. The greatest advantage of wireless speakers is their lightness and portability. In the Wasserman store you will find bluetooth speakers with radio from various manufacturers. Company speakers Ferguson ensuring even sound propagation to all sides. Company speakers Media-Tech and LTC whether Vordon is the appropriate sound quality and durability to protect against accidental damage or failure. How about the speakers produced by Kruger & amp; Matz whether Blow ? It is an ideal equipment for both home and outdoor use, because they are waterproof and resistant to damage. Our offer also includes a wide selection of columns that are universal and modern. You can buy columns of different sizes, colors and parameters from different manufacturers. Depending on your preferences and housing conditions, you can choose either stand mount speakers or floorstanders.

Smart TV Accessories - Ferguson

Smart TV accessories support high resolutions and are equipped with card readers. SD card readers and pay TV card readers. The advantage of TV set-top boxes and tuners is the ability to freely use bluetooth, as well as interactive communication with the Internet network, thanks to a special Ethernet modem. Smart tv accessories they will allow us to watch the collected movie files on our TV. An example of a great quality decoder can be e.g. the Ferguson decoder. Equipped with Android 5.1,1 Lollipop. With the help of this set-top box, you can successfully watch TV, as well as order various goods in the Google Play store. In addition to decoders in this section, you will also find subwoofers , in other words, super woofers. This is one of the essential elements of home theater. When such a subwoofer appears in your living room, you will be surprised how different and stronger the sounds that have eluded you so far will sound. Subwoofers of a well-known manufacturer - Media-Tech are efficient devices with a long service life. We also offer sets consisting of a subwoofer with two speakers. You will also need decent ones to build a specific home theater system amplifiers . The audio amplifier is the equipment to obtain clean and powerful sound with high quality. And if you plan to expand your equipment sometime in the future, it is best to choose an audio amplifier that has as many outputs as possible.