DVB-T antennas

A good antenna is essential to receive TV. The devices available in the Wasserman store are designed to receive digital and analog terrestrial TV signals. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, the devices are resistant to interference and difficult weather conditions. The antennas are intended for outdoor use - they can be mounted on walls, roofs, balconies or caravans.

DVB-T HD antennas

The DVB-T HD antenna is a device designed to receive digital terrestrial signals in the High Definition standard. It provides television with high sound and picture quality. Depending on the model, the antennas are equipped with a filter function, which eliminates interference from cellular networks. DVB-T dipole antennas also allow to freely change the polarity of VHF / UHF reception. The assortment of the Wasserman store also includes DVB-T combo antennas with a DVB-T antenna amplifier, which guarantee high energy profits. All devices are made of resistant materials, thanks to which they are characterized by excellent resistance and long service life. This equipment is dedicated to external use, therefore it is characterized by reliable resistance - their construction is not damaged by water or ultraviolet radiation.

DVB-T antennas from well-known manufacturers - Red Eagle, Dipol, Ferguson, Opticum, Televes, Telmor, Maclean, Wiwa

In the Wasserman store you can buy DVB-T antennas from reputable manufacturers. Well-known brands guarantee high-quality workmanship and reliability. The DVB-T Ferguson antenna is the perfect solution for people who appreciate modern design and work efficiency. The DVB-T Televes antenna is the implementation of a new concept of designing television antennas, which boils down to combining three devices in one. An additional amplifier was used in the DVB-T Telmor antenna - made of high-quality plastic, thanks to which it owes its durability and lightness.