Satellite antennas

A suitable satellite dish is needed to receive most commercial programs. So if you want to watch your favorite movies, series or current affairs programs on a regular basis, you should get this type of antenna. Some of these devices are sold in sets with digital TV packages. However, you can also buy them yourself in one of the electronics stores. The Wasserman online store offers the highest quality satellite dishes at affordable prices.

Antennas, plates, satellite dishes

In the Wasserman store you will find a wide selection of products and the latest technologies. Our satellite antennas are the right choice for all lovers of digital TV and programs broadcast on various channels. Brand satellite plates Corab traditionally they appear in the form of a round canopy in white or graphite. To strengthen their resistance and durability, they are powder coated and covered with a layer of zinc, while they are mounted very easily and relatively quickly. These types of antennas cost around PLN 70. However, if you care about more modern equipment, you can choose a flat satellite dish of the ark Selfsat . These types of antennas are characterized by versatility, which is manifested in the fact that they can be relatively easily mounted even in hard to reach places.

The best satellite antennas

Satellite dishes allow you to receive digital TV and radio programs. They can be placed in any position - vertically or horizontally. In general, the signal received by them in terms of quality does not raise any objections on the part of viewers, but generally speaking, everything in this aspect depends on the weather. When buying a satellite dish, pay special attention to the brand. Antennas manufactured by companies such as are particularly recommended Mistral and Cabletech . Unfortunately, none of the antennas - even those of the most modern generation, cannot be installed inside the building, hence users have to reckon with poorer reception quality in rainy or stormy weather. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Wasserman store offer.