Sockets and connectors

Electrical sockets are one of the most important components of the entire home installation. We have direct contact with them every day. While the remaining electrical components are hidden, for example, in walls, the contact sockets remain visible and easily accessible. This is what they do - a link between the energy source and the devices we use every day. That is why the selection of wall contacts is so important. On the one hand, they are indirectly responsible for the safety of the household members, on the other hand, they should look aesthetically and match the interior design. The Wasserman store offers a wide selection of products in this category. Among them, everyone can easily find models that suit individual tastes and needs.

Modern home contact sockets

Various types of contact sockets can be found in the assortment of the Wasserman store. On the one hand, the offer includes classic single sockets, and on the other, double or triple sockets. You can choose from models with a flap and those open. The use of the former will be advisable, among others, in rooms where water can get into the contact, for example in bathrooms. The individual variants also differ in their purpose. In the Wasserman store you will find both electrical sockets for connecting everyday appliances and wall contacts for switching lights.

Electrical sockets of well-known manufacturers - Simon, Televes, Signal, Elektro-plast, Import, Schneider

Electric sockets and wall contacts that can be found in the Wasserman offer are products of well-known companies specializing in electricity. Among them, it is worth paying attention to such brands as Elektro-plast , producing hermetic cans, or Televes , supplying the market with antennas and dedicated accessories, such as antenna sockets. The producers supplying the store do too Simon . Signal whether Schneider whose articles are of high quality and have a long service life.