Nowadays, we use traditional alkaline batteries, which we commonly call "sticks", less and less. It used to be difficult to live without equipment that would not use this type of power supply. Walkman, Discman, Game Boy Color - these devices are slowly falling out of use, replaced by multifunctional mobile phones, MP3 players or newer game consoles. The popular finger batteries can still be useful to us - we can put them in a wireless mouse, TV remote control or wall clock.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Philips, Blow, Vinnic, Vipow, Duracell, Maxell, Import, Syma, Panasonic

Our store offers batteries from many well-known manufacturers. From the classic "sticks" of the brand Blow (AA batteries), by less standard types, thinner alkaline (AAA) batteries or thicker type C brand batteries Phillips . You can buy alkaline batteries (the most popular on the market) and lithium batteries. Lithium batteries, called "button" batteries - due to their small size and flat, round shape - can be used when looking for power for smaller electrical items, such as wristwatches, remote controls (eg for a satellite decoder), calculators or alarm clocks. An interesting gadget are the rechargeable batteries that can be charged via the USB input - it will save time by charging the batteries while working at the computer.

Alkaline or lithium batteries? Which is better?

Alkaline batteries are the most widely used batteries on the market. They replaced zinc-carbon batteries, which had a much lower efficiency. In turn, the lithium battery is more durable than the alkaline battery - the alkaline battery loses its properties at -5 degrees Celsius. The lithium battery is more durable in specific conditions - for example, when using a camera with a flash, it allows you to take many more photos than when using a camera with flash powered by an alkaline battery. Lithium batteries discharge more slowly "on their own" when idle - unused batteries may be fully functional even after several years. Browse our offer and find batteries for yourself.