Today we cannot imagine life without electricity. And it is not about addiction to series, hobbies in the form of surfing the web or playing loud music. Consider how many functions your house performs only thanks to electricity. Do you have a modern stove? Or maybe electricity heating at all? Do you use an induction hob or a water pump? And the fridge? All these devices are powered by energy. What if this is not available? You will be left without water, heat, food and - obviously - entertainment. It doesn't have to be that way! It is enough if you equip your apartment with a power generator.


In the Wasserman store you will find a wide selection of power generators. They are characterized by high power and guarantee emergency power supply for the most important devices in the home. If a snowstorm or a gusty wind cuts off your electricity, a portable power generator will take care of the uninterrupted operation of central heating pumps or induction motors. Power generators will ensure emergency power supply not only to stoves, but also to RTV and household appliances. Many hours of power outages will not result in the defrosting of food stored in the refrigerator or the lack of Internet access (which often depends on a working router).

Products of well-known manufacturers - Intex, Kemot, Volt Polska, Quer

The power generators offered in the Wasserman store are products from well-known brands. Kemot and Intex specialize in the industrial automation industry, thanks to which their articles are perfect even in the most demanding situations. quer and Volt Poland provide the market with advanced power supplies, converters and batteries. There are no secrets to producing and storing energy for these producers. If you want to be sure that even in critical situations - for example when there is a storm outside - you will not run out of electricity, insure yourself by equipping your home with a reliable generator. It will translate not only into the comfort of you and your loved ones, but most of all your safety.