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There is a lot of paint in the shops while standing in front of the shelf and reading the names can be completely lost. Dispersion, latex, decorative, blackboard… what does that mean ?! Not only is it difficult to know what the color of the "eggshell" will be (after all, the eggshells also have a different color), but it is also hard to guess which paint will be best for us?

Various types of paint

Acrylic paints are the most common. They are efficient paints, easy to apply, cover well and dry very quickly. Latex paints are a variation of acrylic paints, they are slightly more expensive, but more durable. They form a flexible coating on the wall that sticks well to the substrate. Latex paints are resistant to damage and can be cleaned even by thorough scrubbing. The next category is vinyl paints. These will be perfect for interiors with increased humidity. They are easy to spread and perfectly cover, and they dry very quickly. They can also be washed. Now the clou of the program, ceramic paints . Ceramic paints are adhesive, flexible and create a perfectly smooth, thin and hard surface on the wall. In our offer you will find various colors of ceramic paints from Dekoral. Dekoral is a brand that has been the leader of the color market in Poland for over twenty years. This is the largest and most fashionable color palette.

Home & amp; Style ceramic paint
Home & amp; Style ceramic paint designed for painting interior walls and ceilings. We have 56 colors to choose from. Dekoral ceramic paint is hydrophobic, i.e. very resistant to stains and liquid stains. This is the first ceramic paint on the market with such a deep and matte finish. We need to know that matte paint works better on uneven surfaces, because it perfectly masks minor irregularities and imperfections. It does not contain harmful substances, so we can use it even in particularly "sensitive" places, such as hospitals or kindergartens. We can clean the ceramic paint even from such difficult-to-clean materials as a felt-tip pen or wine stains, which were the result of opening the bottle too suddenly. Ceramic paint breathes and is both impact and chemical resistant.