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Some are disturbed by insects, others by rodents, and others by birds. The most beautiful vacation can be spoiled by flying intruders. We are all familiar with the annoying buzzing, some have acutely realized what the threat of small mobile pests in the basement or attic is. More than one gardener has gone crazy seeing mounds of earth on the manicured lawn. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of deterrents and others preparations for pests at the Wasserman store

Aerosol, mastic, ultrasounds repellents from companies- bros

Among the wide range of preparations for flying pests, everyone will find the most convenient preparation. Aerosol preparations contain a list of the most modern active substances. They are extremely effective and work instantly. Our aerosols are effective in getting rid of flies, mosquitoes and ants. In addition to aerosols, you can choose traditional insect sticks, known for years. More aesthetically made than the brown tapes known from the bars of the 70s, but they are still sticky. But you can choose sticky stickers in the form of an aesthetic sticker covered with an active substance. The set includes two stickers that can be stuck on the window or in a place that is frequented by the insect route. For aesthetes and those who attach great importance to the arrangement of their interior, we offer two decorative tiles to combat ants and flying insects. They can be used together or separately, their subtle and elegant pattern makes the Duo-Decor tiles fit any room. In our store you will also find well-known and liked preparations in the form of a contact insert. The gradually released active substance protects the rooms both during the day and at night, and additionally prevents the arrival of further insects. You will finally be able to sleep with your windows open and the lights on. Apart from these flying buzzers, fast running ones, such as ants, are also extremely troublesome. And we have something effective to fight them. Preparation in the feeder. The poison is ready to use immediately. We put on the route visited by these intruders and it's ready.

Insect killer lamps or tiles, floats or sticks?

We offer an aerosol to fight wasps and hornets and destroy their nests. - The unique design of the valve will allow us to spray from a distance of 5 m, which will ensure safety and comfort. Choosing high-quality pellets for rodent control, you will get rid of them very quickly, the pellets remain stable and food attractive for a long time. You will also find carbide in the form of granules. Mosquito repellent sticks and many other different preparations against pests. The mole repeller is recommended, it does not affect the environment, it works humane by emitting a sound unpleasant for a blind rodent. Among the huge variety of articles that protect your home against pests, pay attention to the insect killer lamp. This is a great way to get rid of nuisance flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, flies and flies in your home, surroundings or workplace. Lamps are effective, cheap, safe and take up little space. And if you have a baby at home, protect its delicate skin against bites by choosing an anti-bite liquid. Remember! For children over one year old