A frying pan is a kitchen appliance without which it would be difficult to prepare some dishes. Stew, fry, heat and grill in pans. As if buying a frying pan seems to be a simple matter, we start to wonder when choosing, because the choice is huge. We have to decide what its purpose will be, what size and depth we want the pan, from what material and with what coating. In the Wasserman store you can buy regular and grill pans with various coatings from different manufacturers.

Frying pans from proven manufacturers - Ekoceram . Promis

Apart from induction cookers, we can use all of them on any other type of cooker pan . Classic pans available in our offer, i.e. the most popular ones, with a flat bottom and a low edge, are offered in various sizes and with a different coating. You can also buy grill pans, which are characterized by grooves at the bottom, thanks to which the fat from the food fried on them flows lower and the air reaches the dish from below. Thanks to such a pan, we will get dishes with a similar appearance and taste to those associated with grilling in summer. The functionality of such a vessel, its heating time or the question of how the food sticks to it depends on the material the particular pan is made of.

pans granite and ceramic in the offer of the Wasserman store

Aluminum pans heat up very quickly and evenly, but they also lose heat just as quickly. They are light and resistant to damage. According to numerous studies, at temperatures above 180 degrees Celsius, aluminum emits harmful compounds, which is why such pans are most often covered with special Teflon coatings. Steel pans are characterized by exceptional durability, they are difficult to scratch, but their disadvantage is a longer heating time. Cast iron pans are known for their durability as well as keeping heat for a long time. The porous surface makes them more difficult to clean. Teflon pans are the most popular pans in our kitchens. You can fry on them without using fat, and food does not stick to their surface. Such a Teflon coating can have several layers and a different thickness. Ceramic, these pans are an increasingly popular solution. Foods fried on it do not stick, the ceramic coating does not react with food and heats up evenly. Both amateurs and chefs appreciate the advantages of pans with a granite coating. They belong to the group of non-stick pans, so we can fry them without fat. They are also extremely resistant to mechanical damage and scratching the surface.