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Welcome warmly to the heating department. Although you will not buy radiators here, but a slightly smaller heating device you do not need to connect them anywhere (except the network) and they can heat up the atmosphere quite well. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the Heating department store.

Contact heaters and fan heaters - Camry . Eldom

Always as we hear the word radiator, we are faced with large radiators, radiators or stoves, and it is not always about size. Sometimes something small and inconspicuous can warm us up quite well. I am talking here about heaters and fan heaters that we connect directly to the contact. They are small, have low energy consumption, but they will heat the room to 30 square meters. The heaters are quiet and have airflow regulation. Such a great example of these devices is the HL20 WALLO radiator, small, without unnecessary wiring, and we can plug it in at what angle we want due to its rotating plugs. We will add that these small smart devices are completely safe because they have non-heating housings and ceramic heating elements.

Gas radiators and fan heaters in the Wasserman store Adler . Camry

Gas radiators  are heating devices that are supplied with gas from a cylinder and using radiation or radiation with convection. in our offer you can find a gas heater for the cylinder (radiant heater for the blue) with a very simple design. Infrared heater here we have a ceramic hearth with calibrated holes. The advantage of such a radiant heater is that the furnace accumulates small amounts of heat and radiates it even after turning off the gas supply. Gas heater with a catalyst, without ignition spark, and fuel oxidation occurs thanks to the catalyst. Each of these radiators is completely safe because they have a number of different protections. All our radiators have appropriate approvals and certificates, and have passed demanding safety tests. Radiant heaters such as the Ravanson BRI-85N will be useful in many circumstances: when away, when renovating or during cold winter. In addition to radiators, our offer also includes reliable dual-function fan heaters. Such fan heater can operate at two power levels and the built-in thermostat allows you to adjust the amount of heat generated depending on the user's needs. The fan heater can not only heat, we can also use it as a cooling device, generating a cold blow. And that's why such fan heaters sell great in winter and summer.