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Nowadays, no construction or renovation can do without the use of advanced power tools. This type of equipment not only significantly speeds up the work, but also allows you to perform activities that would be extremely onerous or even impossible without them. Drills, hammer drills, impact and demolition hammers - all these tools prove invaluable when we have to face hard, immovable materials such as concrete or stone. Before starting work, you need to choose a chisel.

Products of the well-known manufacturer PRO

Chisels are longitudinal and durable steel bars, which are finished with a flat blade that allows forging various types of materials. Hand chisel has always been used - since the Neolithic times, when they were made of flint - it was used in artistic processing (in the production of sculptures) and construction works. Flat chisels manufactured by the company PRO  they are the same thickness and length (14 by 250 millimeters), differ only in the width of the blade (available in sizes 20, 40 and 60 millimeters). Thanks to the SDS Plus tool clamping system, the chisels are universal and compatible with any system - this means that they can be installed in power tools of any brand. Chisels of this type are ideal for forging and forging with a hammer or hammer drill, made of high quality materials will serve the user for many years.

Before starting work, select a chisel

Various tasks that we have to face during construction or renovation force the use of more than one type of tool. Of course, this applies to both heavy equipment and its smaller components, such as chisels, drills and tips. Below we present popular types of chisels, which are distinguished by the type of work they perform:

  • Flat chisel (they are distinguished by a wide forging surface and versatility),
  • Pointed chisel, popularly called "spike" (with a sharp tip that facilitates piercing hard material),
  • Wing / root / hollow chisel (each of them specializes in making grooves and grooves of various depths),
  • Flagstone chisel and asphalt chisel (whose use is in accordance with the name).