ANNA ZARADNA Baking sleeve 3m op. - 1 pc.

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 Baking sleeve 3m op. - 1 pc.

The baking sleeve is perfect for roasting meat, but also fish, vegetables and other food products. By using the sleeve during baking, you keep the full aroma, vitamins and microelements in the dishes. Thanks to this, you serve healthy and juicy dishes. Dishes prepared in this way are also less caloric, because baking them in the sleeve there is no need to add fat. Anna Zaradna's baking sleeve is resistant to high temperatures, there is no fear that the sleeve will break. You can use it in the microwave, gas and electric oven at temperatures up to 200°C. There are 10 clips in the package for quick and easy tying of the baking sleeve. Length: 3 meters, width: 30 cm, film thickness: 12 μm

Directions for use:
Cut off a piece of baking sleeve about 20 cm more than the length of the baked dish. Put the dish in the baking sleeve and close with the attached clips. Prick in several places. Remember that the sleeve does not touch the walls of the oven during baking.



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