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Aerosol, sticky, ultrasound and other scarers from the company - Bros

Among our wide range of preparations for flying pests , everyone will find the most convenient preparation for themselves. Aerosol preparations are extremely effective and act instantly. They help and this effectively get rid of flies, mosquitoes and ants. And in addition to aerosols on the shelf you will also find traditional, known for years sticks for insects. If you do not want to spray and not hang you can put two decorative tiles to combat ants and flying insects. They can be used together or separately. If you like what is known, certain and proven, put on contributions to contact. Gradually released active substance protects the premises both during the day and at night. In turn, for the fight against ants preparation in the feeder. Poison ready to use right away. We put on the route visited by these intruders and intruders there is none. Also worth recommending is a repeller for moles. Without affecting the environment and humane is extremely unpleasant for a blind rodent. How about an insecticidal lamp? Lamps are effective, cheap, safe and take up little space.