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Smoke detectors - general information

The most basic devices of this type are smoke detectors. They will work in every house or apartment, regardless of the method of its heating and the possible presence of a gas installation. In the event of a fire, the device detects smoke that is already formed in its first phase, effectively alarming household members through sound and light signals. Carbon monoxide and gas sensors, in turn, will be useful in homes where space or water heating is carried out through a gas installation or with the help of other fuel. Chad rolls out in a situation of oxygen deficiency, when combustion is incomplete. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are sometimes equipped with additional functions, such as an LCD display that informs about the CO level in the room. Such a gas sensor for the house will be useful, for example, in boiler rooms.

What to suggest when choosing a sensor for gas detection?

The Wasserman store offers you various sensors for punching gas, smoke or carbon monoxide. How to choose the right one? First of all, by determining their needs, resulting mainly from the installations in the building. If all of them are based on electricity, it is enough to place ordinary smoke detectors in individual rooms, which will alert us in the event of a fire. A home gas sensor is an important device when we heat it with this fuel or use it in the kitchen. One of the sensors should then be placed there, and the other in the boiler room. The combustion of liquid gaseous or solid fuels always involves the risk of creating excess CO. Then it is worth investing in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, placed in the boiler room, as well as at the devices heating water in the bathroom or kitchen and in rooms where we possibly use additional heating. Models equipped with an LCD screen allow you to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide on an ongoing basis. Regardless of the age and condition of our home installations, it is worth equipping your home with gas and smoke detectors and CO. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Ferguson or KIDDE.