Clock radio AM FM Wakes up by signal or by radio


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CR 1156
Camry CR 1156  w opakowaniu
The clock radio is a device with many useful functions that you can choose depending on your needs.
Radiobudzik CR 1156
First of all, you decide whether the sound or the radio should wake you up. The alarm clock itself has a snooze and falling asleep function, and the option of using two separate alarms. The radio works on the AM and FM frequencies, where you can preset 10 stations. The big advantage is the easy to read LED display, from which you can easily read the hour in all lighting conditions. Camry - wake up with pleasure.
Radio z budzikiem
Radio PLL AM / F
2 separate alarms
Adjustable display dimming
20 stations can be programmed (10 AM;10FM)
Large 1.8-inch LED display
Automatic station programming
Snooze function
Sleep function
Wake up with a radio or a sound signal
Battery backup clock
External antenna

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