Car phone holder eXtreme Type S

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Extreme Typ S
Uchwyt samochodowy na telefonTyp S marki eXtreme
Designed for comfort of use, the universal car mount for phone, navigation and other mobile devices. Instead of traditional arms, the handle is equipped with a sticky gel layer, to which it is enough to apply and lightly press the device. After peeling, no traces remain and the phone does not stick.
Samochodowy uchwyt GSM
The adjustable arm and 360-degree rotatable head allow you to get the best viewing angle. Thanks to the use of an edgeless head, the handle fits all devices available on the market. In the event of loss of adhesion of the gel layer, simply wash it with water or soap and water.
Zaprojektowany z myślą o wygodzie użytkowania uniwersalny uchwyt samochodowy do telefonu
Washer width: 60 mm
Washer length: 100 mm
Height: 125 mm
Suction cup diameter: 70 mm
Weight: 103 g

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