Angled USB - micro USB cable 120 cm, braided


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Braided right angle USB cable with micro USB connector compatible with all devices with micro USB input. The eXtreme® angled cable supports fast charging and data exchange, e.g. with a computer.
Kabel pleciony kątowy USB – micro USB 120 cm
The micro USB tip is placed at a 90-degree angle, which allows you to conveniently use the device in a horizontal position - e.g. when playing, watching a movie or browsing websites.
Kabel kątowy USB – micro USB prezentacja z telefonem
Thanks to the double-sided USB connector, we do not have to worry about connecting the cable to the charger or computer. A special cable braid makes it very resistant to damage.
Kabel kątowy marki eXtreme® obsługuje szybkie ładowanie oraz wymianę danych
Length: 120 cm
Color: black braid
Weight: 25 g

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