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WD-40 400ML Flexible

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WD - 40 to wielofunkcyjny preparat czyszcząco-konserwujacy

Discover the unusual applications of WD40

Each of us has already met with the name  WD40  on various occasions. And this to the car, and someone advised that to the toilet, but this product can surprise. It was first used to protect the outer shell of the Atlas rocket against rust. Water Displacament or water remover (hence the name WD-40) is a spray preparation that perfectly displaces water and is a lubricant. these Typical WD40 applications  probably we all know, lubrication and loosening of joints and hinges, removing impurities in various mechanisms, making it easier to unscrew blocked bolts and screws, removing rust and corrosion prevention . But have you heard of various unusual uses of this preparation?

Unusual uses of WD-40

Cleaning ceramic tiles from mascara, nail polish and lipstick
Cleaning the joints - after using WD-40, all you need to do is wash the joints with soap and water
Removing stains from stainless steel scourers
Removing chewing gum
Softening the skin (shoes, bags)
Maintenance of leather furniture, car dashboards
Cleaning and renewing school boards
Masking scratches in ceramic and marble floors.
Removing road tar and insect marks on the hood from cars.
It protects silver against discoloration, cleans chains and other jewelry.
Cleaning and lubrication of instrument strings.
Cleaning the glass shower door from water stains.
Preventing the creaking of doors, windows, swings, gates.
Removing traces of adhesive tape, stickers, difficult-to-peel labels.
Protection of cows and other farm animals against flies and insects.
Protection of the balcony against pigeons
Bathroom mirror protection against fogging.
Removing stains on carpets (spray several times, then wash with warm water and soap until successful).
Alleviation of joint pain
Elimination of pain and itching after an ant bite.
Removal of stone and tarnish in toilet bowls.
Removing pencil marks from walls, furniture, windows and screens.
WD - 40 to wielofunkcyjny preparat czyszcząco-konserwujacy

And when it is not recommended to use WD-40?

WD-40 is not suitable for lubricating bicycle chains. The door hinges can and will be muted effectively, but the preparation will strongly attract dust and create dark streaks on the hinges. Unlocking and repairing the work of locks with its help will only work in the short run. But there are so many possibilities for its use that everyone should have it in the clipboard. The preparation has been equipped with a convenient, flexible applicator, thanks to which we will use WD40  wherever we want. WD40 does not contain silicone. 400ml capacity. On other pages of the store you will find different volumes of this preparation.



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