PE, PP, PB Topex 44E160 pipe welding machine

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Don't look for specialists, you can do it yourself with this tool
Zgrzewarka do rur PE, PP, PB Topex 44E160

What do you buy together with the pipe welding machine?

Independence, economy and satisfaction, you buy together with this tool. You will not need professionals and a lot of cash for him. Your resourcefulness, economy and versatility will surely find recognition in the eyes of your roommates. You will ask what you need to know to use a pipe welding machine ? You won't need any special skills, you just have to follow a few interpretations. Always use original tools. Check the equipment for visible blemishes and dirt, and clean it if necessary. Read the operating instructions before starting your welding machine. Pay close attention to the welder's signaling. Remember that the welding machine heats up  just as fast regardless of the ambient temperature. Before work, check what temperature is needed for  plastic welding,  with whom you will work. After work, leave the tool in a safe place to cool down. It is good to store the welder in appropriate conditions, e.g. in an original suitcase or a suitably hard container.
Opakowanie zgrzewarki do rur Topex

Thanks to the pipe welding machine, you will join what is to be unbreakable.

Such action is the task of this tool. Creation inseparable  connections between the outlets of two pipes . The material from which the pipes are made is heated at the edges, and the temperature makes the material plastic, and after cooling it hardens permanently. If you want to sanitary installation  at your home was done solidly and permanently work with proven Topex 44E160 pipe welding machine . This TOPEX welding machine is ideal for plastic pipes PE, PP, PB It has a power of 800W. You can use it to weld muffs, pipes and fittings up to 40 mm in diameter. You can buy it together with 4 heating sleeves with diameters 20, 25, 32, 40 mm. The sleeves have been coated with PTFE which significantly extends their service life. The welding head temperature is 0-300 ° C, which guarantees effective work. We deliver the set packed in a practical case.


Application:for PE, PP, PB pipes
Equipment:4 heating sleeves O20, O25, O32, O40 mm
Power:800 watts
Weight:2.9 kg
Working temperature:0-300 degrees C.

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