Blow US-38 grille car holder

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Uchwyt samochodowy na kratkę Blow US-38
The US-38 holder does not require troublesome adjustment of the accessory to the size of the phone. Just put the device on it and the jaws will close automatically.
Uchwyt US-38 nie wymaga uciążliwego dopasowywania akcesorium do rozmiaru telefonu.
The handle has a 360 ° movable head. Thanks to it we can adjust the location of our device. Excessive rotation may cause the device to fall out of the holder. Do not set the handle horizontally, as this will reduce the pressure on the lower latch and the device may also fall out.
Uchwyt samochodowy GSM Blow US-38
- Gravity car holder for the ventilation grille
- Hassle-free charging - The accessory has a cut-out for the charging port that allows you to connect the charger even while driving.
- Material: Aluminum, ABS, Silicone
- Arm spacing in width: 57 - 87mm
- Compatible with devices from 4 "to 6"
- Compact sizes
- Rubber grip protection

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