32GB UHS-I Goodram M1AA microSD memory card

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Super fast UHS-I interface
The use of the fast UHS-I interface significantly increases the parameters - 100 MB / s (read) and 10 MB / s (write). This has a direct impact on the quality and reliability of operations such as continuous shooting, slow motion, time-lapse movie creation or HD live broadcast.

Karta pamięci microSD 32GB UHS-I Goodram z adapterem

Adapter attached to the card
The adapter, which is included in the M1AA set, will increase the functionality of the micro card. Thanks to the adapter, the micro card can be used in cameras and camcorders, it can also be used to transfer data if the laptop does not have a suitable slot.
Card compatibility
The UHS-I interface is backward compatible with devices that support the SD 2.0 standard. In this case, the card will work with minimum operating parameters corresponding to 10 speed class (min. 10 MB / s). The UHS-I microCARD is compatible with devices marked with High Capacity (HC) and eXtended Capacity (XC).
Karta pamięci 32GB Goodram
Capacity: 32 GB
Standard: microSDHC / microSDXC
Interface: UHS-I
Working speed: reading up to 100 MB / s, writing: from 10 MB / s
File system: FAT32
Working temperature -25 to 85 ° C
Power source: Power supply from the device

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