Dental irrigator Dental Flossjet MT6512

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Portable dental irrigator DENTAL FLOSSJET MT6512 - a device used to rinse your mouth.
Irygator dentystyczny Dental Flossjet MT6512
It uses a pulsating stream of water under pressure to remove bacterial plaque and food debris from the contact surfaces of the teeth and from below the gum line.
The pulsating stream of water massages the gums, improving their blood supply.

Przenośny irygator dentystyczny.

An important issue is who can or should use the irrigator. In our opinion, all those who want to take care of proper oral hygiene, people with bleeding gums, tight interdental spaces, implants and bridges, and orthodontic appliances can use irrigators.
Irygator dentystyczny Media-Tech MT6512 podczas działania
Smaller dimensions are an important feature when you want to take the irrigator with you on a journey - it is easier to save space in a suitcase for such small equipment. Thanks to this, we will be able to take care of oral hygiene even during holidays.
Thanks to the built-in battery, you can always have it with you. It works up to 8 hours on a single charge.
Opakowanie irygatora Dental Flossjet MT6512
The most important product features:
- 3 modes of operation: normal, delicate and improved pulse mode
- built-in battery allows 8 hours of work
- perfectly removes plaque, the main cause of caries
- a container (150ml) for water or mouthwash
- 3 types of tips (4 pcs) included (for cleaning the tongue, gums and space around the camera)
Przenośny irygator do zębów Dental Flossjet MT6512
- Portable dental irrigator
- Gently and effectively rinses interdental spaces, dentures, crowns and bridges
- 3 rinsing modes: normal, delicate, pulsating
- Tank capacity: 150ml
- Efficiency: water pressure 40-80psi, 1400 pulses / min (pulse mode)
- 3 types of nozzles (4 pieces)
- 360o rotating nozzles
- Locking mechanism and easy release by pressing a button
- Charging via USB cable
- Automatic switch off after 2 minutes
- Waterproof: IPX7, can be washed under a water jet
- Quiet operation: <75dB
- Power supply: lithium-ion battery, fully charged for up to 8 hours
- Dimensions: 75x56x185mm
- Weight: 272g

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