12 / 24V PM-PM-10T battery microprocessor rectifier


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The high-quality automatic and precise microprocessor battery rectifier POWERMAT PM-PM-10T is perfect for professional services and car workshops as well as in home garages. The device can charge with 12V and 24V.
mikroprocesorowy prostownik akumulatorowy POWERMAT PM-PM-10T
The quick charge function will help you start the engine much faster if the battery is discharged. The charger has the ability to charge with a maximum current of 8A.
Wyświetlacz prostownika Powermat PM-PM-10T
- Reverse polarity protection - blocks the transmission of energy to the output wires if reverse polarity connection is detected.
- Short circuit protection - energy will be blocked for the output cables.
- Overvoltage protection - protection is activated when setting the charging voltage other than the detected parameter.
- Battery diagnostic function - the charger constantly monitors the battery status and can report a charging error in the form of an error code.
- Overheat protection - the charger will reduce the charge and even turn off completely if overheating is found. After cooling, the charger will automatically resume operation.
Prostownik akumulatorów z zestawem kabli
STEP 1: DIAGNOSTICS: analysis of the battery, its charge status and the correctness of connections between the battery and the rectifier
STEP 2: ANALYSIS: checking if the battery is not damaged and whether it can accept charging current - prevents charging a damaged battery;
STEP 3: MAIN CHARGING: charging with maximum current of constant intensity and automatically regulated depending on the state of charge of the battery, until 80% of the battery capacity is reached
STEP 4: FINAL CHARGING: charging with decreasing current and constant voltage until reaching 100% battery capacity
STEP 5: ANALYSIS: a battery charge test lasting about 2 minutes - if the battery level does not drop after charging has stopped, the charging process is completed
Prostownik PM-PM-10T z opakowaniem
The device has a convenient storage for the power cable and wires with "+" and "-" terminals.
- rectifier
- original box
- user manual
Ładowanie akumulatorów 12V i 24V
model: PM-PM-10T
rated voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
output parameters (slow charge: 12V / 24V - 4 / 3.5 / 2/1 [A]
output parameters (fast charging: 12V / 24V - 8/6/4/2 [A]
12V battery capacity: 10Ah - 100Ah
24V battery capacity: 40Ah - 200Ah
charging process: 5-step (automatic)
operating temperature: -10 ° C - 45 ° C
supports batteries: VRLA, WET, GEL, EFB, AGM

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