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Dzwonek bezprzewodowy Medi-Tech MT5701

Why are wireless doorbells better?

Wireless doorbells  have an advantage over traditional, above all, ease of installation. There is no need to pull the wiring, drill in the walls and complex schemes. These bells also have another big plus, you can take the bell button with you in your pocket and go out, e.g. to the garden, as long as you do not exceed the distance from the base specified in the specification.
Wireless ringtones  are also great when looking after a lying person. We recommend the kinetic bell KINETIK DOORBELL MT5701 with many different melodies to choose from. And with the ability to adjust the volume.
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How does the bell work?

DOORBELL KINETIK MT5701  this  doorbell without cables  and battery. The wireless button is simply mounted in a visible place next to the door or wicket, and the bell is placed in an electrical outlet. Bell range  it's up to 150 meters !! Installation is very easy and instant. How does such a bell work if there are no cables or batteries? The technology used in the bell consists of changing mechanical energy into electricity. The ringtone has 51 built-in polyphonic melodies to choose from and 4 volume levels. You can also mute it completely. The button housing has an IP44 standard, which means that it is completely splashproof.

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