Electric blanket with timer CR 7416

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 This is not an article only for seniors
Koc elektryczny podkładowy z czasomierzem CR 7416

Do you have muscle pain? An electric blanket will help

Electric blankets  they are associated with gray seniors basking their bones on electric blankets. And yet such blankets are great to help you relax, bring  relief of stiff muscles  and even relieve pain. They are irreplaceable for rheumatic ailments and let's not underestimate the pleasure of lying in such a warm bed.

Koc elektryczny podkładowy z timerem CR 7416
Electric blankets have also gone with the times it is no longer a rough and stiff plaid blanket with a curling short cable. We invite you to familiarize yourself with Camry electric blanket . We guarantee warmth and comfort of rest.

Are electric blankets safe?

Electric blankets ensure fast and even heat distribution. Camry electric blanket  is completely safe and it is very easy to use. The temperature controller, controller display and heating setting indicator help to control the settings and operation of the blanket and adapt them to personal preferences. Turn it on 15 minutes before bedtime and you will get into a nice bed and avoid it morning muscle stiffness.  You can set heating for 1, 2 or 10 hours, or turn on "always on" mode.

Pilot koca elektrycznego

 Due to the fact that the blanket has an automatic switch-off function after a set period of time, we do not have to worry about increased energy consumption or that it will heat us up too much at night. The blanket is made of fluffy and very pleasant to the touch material.
Koc elektryczny Camry CR 7416
The blanket can be washed easily after unplugging the power cord and temperature controller.
Opakowanie podkładu podgrzewanego Camry CR 7416
- Dimension: height: 150cm x width: 100cm
- Detachable power cord with LCD remote control
- Machine washable at 30 ° C
- Size suitable for one person
- Easy to control
- Timer: 1/2/10 hours or "Always on" continuous mode - to choose
- 8 heating levels
- Upper fabric: Polar
- Under fabric: Polyester
- The timer automatically switches the heating off after a set period of time
- Overheat protection
- Easy system to prevent the blanket from sliding on the mattress
- Power: 60W
- Power supply: 230V ~ 50/60 Hz

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