Light acrylic filler Den Braven Rapid (20 minutes)

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Den Braven
Den Braven Acrylic Light Filler is an ultra light, perfectly white, quickly painted, ready-to-use acrylic for leveling in interior drywall systems, touch-up systems, filling cavities, repairing scratches, cracks, sealing joints and gaps in plaster, plasterboard and blocks.

Akryl lekki szpachlowy Den Braven 20minut

- Ready to paint 20 minutes after application
- Combination of traditional acrylic sealant with ready-to-use leveling compound - 2 in 1
- Effective painting with water or synthetic paints, without cracks and discoloration
- As a putty, it is suitable for single-layer application, of any thickness and cross-section, without the risk of shrinkage cracks
- Can be applied to a much larger thickness than traditional putty, characterized by shrinkage, which must be applied in layers (saving time and money)
- Ultra light - very easy to apply (especially when filling the ceiling - it is almost half lighter than water)
- Sandable after drying (does not mud sandpaper)
- Virtually no shrinkage (negligible weight loss) - ensures an aesthetic and crack-free joint and even surface
- After drying, it remains slightly elastic - ideal for static joints or places with low deformability
- Very well adhesive to gypsum boards, gypsum plasters, gypsum blocks and similar materials
- Solvent free (slight odor)
- Super white
- For internal applications
- Chemically neutral (does not cause metal corrosion)
- A delicate paste consistency
- Does not drip

Akryl lekki szpachlowy Den Braven szybkoschnący

Area of ​​use:
Repair of internal cracks, crevices, scratches and cavities in walls, ceilings, especially during painting, plastering and finishing work. Masking screw heads when installing plasterboards, paneling, wall panels. Grouting joints in the building from plasterboard, corner joints. Built-in recesses, attic, wardrobe assembly, woodwork.

Shelf life:
Store in the original packaging, in a dry and cool place at + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C. Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production.

Producer: Den Braven
Packaging: Cartouche
Capacity: 300ml
White color

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