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Den Braven

Den Braven Extra Extra Acrylic is a highly plastic-elastic sealing putty based on water-based acrylic dispersion, for filling external and internal scratches, crevices and cracks, with exceptional resistance to atmospheric precipitation

Akryl zewnętrzny Fasady, parapety Den Braven Extra

- Resistant to atmospheric precipitation and moisture (just a few hours after application)
- Creates a strong, durable and highly plastic-elastic bond
- For external and internal applications (excluding places exposed to permanent contact with water, where stagnation may occur and the joint may be immersed in water for a long time)
- When completely dry, painted with water and synthetic paints, interior and facade
- Very well adhesive to concrete, plasters, wood and building ceramics
- Resistant to cracking and shrinkage
- Excellent adhesion, also on moist substrates
- Solvent free (slight odor)
- Health-friendly (EMICODE EC1 Plus class - safe for allergy sufferers or people allergic to construction chemicals)
- Extremely easy to profile (very good working properties)
- Chemically neutral (does not cause metal corrosion)

Den Braven Structural akryl zewnętrzny

Area of ​​use:
Filling external and internal cracks, scratches, gaps, corners. Facade seals at window frames, window sills, external blinds, cornices and decorations of a similar type. Filling gaps around suspended ceilings, plasterboard joints, stairs and wall joints, and joints of a similar type, particularly susceptible to deformation. Sealing styrofoam joints with woodwork and flashings in thermal insulation systems.

Shelf life:
Store in the original packaging, in a dry and cool place at + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C. Shelf life: 18 months from the date of production.

Packaging: Cartouche
Capacity: 300ml
White color

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