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Lusterko łazienkowe LED Adler AD 2168 powiększajace

There is not enough light in your bathroom, which makes daily care difficult? Do you have the impression that the current mirror is insufficient and does not fulfill its function? Or maybe you are looking for an interesting and original way to improve the functionality of the space above the sink? The ADLER AD 2168 LED bathroom mirror will solve all these problems! In a few moments you will feel like in a real beauty salon! The practical LED AD 2168 mirror is ideal for shaving and perfect makeup thanks to LED backlighting and 5x magnification. The mirror is mounted without a single screw, without the use of a drill, it is easy to mount and remove it to take, for example, on a trip. The mirror has an extremely simple and durable mounting system, the sucker sucks air thanks to the rotation of the base to the right to hear "click", removing the suction cup is one pull of the sucker tab. The product is battery powered (3 AA batteries).

Lusterko łazienkowe LED Adler AD 2168 na przyssawkę

 Easy assembly

 The practical use of the mirror will be appreciated by both women and men. It will definitely make everyday shaving or makeup easier. What is important for all who do not want to damage the surface in the bathroom, the mirror is mounted without using screws, without having to start a drill or other electrical devices. It is equipped with a suction cup that holds the mirror in the place we choose. All you need to do is clean the surface from which you want to install the mirror. The suction cup works on tiles, glass, ceramics, marble and most other flat surfaces. Press it firmly to the surface, gently rotate the base of the attachment clockwise until you hear a click and turn the mirror to the desired position. Thanks to the blocking system, the sucked air will stay on any surface. It's the perfect solution for everyone who doesn't have space for a large bathroom mirror!

Lusterko Adler AD 2168 w opakowaniu

 Something more than a mirror!

 Our product is more than just a mirror. Thanks to 5x magnification and LED backlighting, it can be used for both professional makeup and care. The mirror is powered by alkaline batteries (3 pieces of AAA), which are placed in the housing of the device. A switch placed in an easily accessible place can be used to turn on the brightness control. Pressing once - we choose the brightest light, twice - the light will be weaker, and pressing the switch a third time - we will turn off the backlight completely. Disassembly of the mirror also does not require the use of specialized equipment. Just pull the suction cup handle while supporting the mirror so that it does not fall. This is especially useful when you want to take a mirror on a journey!

Lusterko Adler AD 2168 z podświetleniem LED

 Suction cup mount - no screws required
 Strong suction cup
 5X Magnification
 360 ° rotating mirror
 24 LEDs
 Adjusting the light intensity
 Power supply: 3 X AA batteries

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