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What work shoes do you recommend?

Work boots  is the basic very important element of everyone work clothes . They protect our foot against mechanical injuries and dangerous corrosive, toxic substances or the effects of extreme temperatures. As we spend the whole day in such shoes, we should choose them according to the type of work we do and according to the season. When buying work shoes, it is worth investing in the footwear of a well-known manufacturer, we will have a guarantee of high quality, specific protection and a guarantee of long use.

 The basic types of shoes are:
Safety shoes (S)  is a footwear that has a toe cap that can withstand a pressure of at least 200 J and is resistant to compression with a force of at least 15 kN.
Protective footwear (P) , i.e. shoes with toe caps that withstand an energy impact of around 100 joules. These shoes also protect against compression with a force of at least 10 KN.
Occupational footwear (O)  has protective features of work footwear - but does not have a toe cap. It can be used in places where there is no danger of crushing your foot.

 We sell size 45 here

Półbuty robocze Dedra BH9P1A

What is the distribution of work footwear?

Due to the conditions in which it is necessary to work, shoes can be divided into: shoes protecting against chemical agents , shoes that protect against biological agents, shoes protecting against mechanical factors , shoes for protection against temperatures, shoes for protection against electric shock, shoes for protection against weather conditions, shoes for work in potentially explosive atmospheres, anti-static shoes. You can buy here  Dedra shoes . Leather work shoes . Steel toe cap impact resistant with 200J force. Non-slip sole and oil resistant. Shock absorbing system. Footwear has electrostatic properties. The steel insole in the sole is puncture resistant. Dedra provides high security and a tasteful appearance.

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