Bros ET1S412 insecticide lamp for insects

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Are you annoyed by all those flying and buzzing?

Lampa owadobójcza Bros ET1S412

What are the types of insecticide lamps?

Insecticide lamps  due to their effectiveness and more and more aesthetic designs, they are eagerly used in restaurants, bars, hotels and all other service places. Choosing such an insecticidal lamp  it must be properly placed in the building. Lamps should not be located in close proximity to places where strong air movements can work, hanging should always be directed at a 90-degree angle to the main lighting. Let's also remember about one very important thing, if our lamp hangs outside, we must remember that the lamp will attract all insects - both pests and beneficial insects. If there are fruit orchards in the close vicinity of the house, we recommend using other devices.

Lampa owadobójcza Bros ET1S412

Why are insecticide lamps so effective?

An insecticide lamp is a great way to get rid of your home, surroundings or work place  bothersome flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, flies and flies. This is a way especially worth recommending, because such lamps are effective , cheap, safe and take up little space. The biggest advantage of insecticide lamps?  Low cost of operation and  speed in eliminating insects.  It is also important that, when used in accordance with the instructions for use, they are 100% safe for people and animals staying in places where insecticidal lamps are installed. Fighting insects is not at the expense of anyone's health.

Lampa owadobójcza Bros ET1S412

Insecticidal lamps mean simplicity of operation and safety

Insecticide lamps work  on different ways. The most common type of device is  glare lamps  and sticky lamps . Glare lamps use special radiation to lure insects, and they die electrocuted as soon as they come into contact with a live grid. Sticky devices emit invisible ultraviolet radiation, which attracts insects, insects stick to the sticky cartridge, which should be replaced every few days. They are also available on the market universal lamps  - both with glue insert and with glare. The last type of lamps are fan lamps  - the windmill pulls the insects into a special container mounted in the lamp. In our offer you will find  Bros ET1S412 insecticidal lamp,  perfect for apartments, houses, garden sheds and small utility rooms. The use of a specialized light source and glare is a guarantee of efficiency.

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