16.5dbi Yagi antenna for self assembly


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16.5dbi Yagi antenna
in the parts for self assembly

Antena Yagi wifi

 The antenna is made of a uniform material, which prevents corrosion often occurring in multi-element antennas (e.g. antennas built into the so-called "pipe"). As a result, our antennas have a very long life and are resistant to weather conditions (frost, rain, snow and heat)

 The active element of the antenna (dipole) enclosed in a can is gold plated with 24-carat gold, which increases the antenna gain to 16.5dBi. We recommend to buy the h155 cable for antennas, we also have plugs on offer.

 Antennas are sold in parts, for self-assembly. The following tips can help with assembly:

Antena Yagi wifi
Antena Yagi wifi
Antena Yagi wifi
Antena Yagi wifi


Dimensions:450 x 50 x 45 (mm)
Execution:stainless steel, aluminum
Frequency:2400-2485 MHz
Polarization:vertical and horizontal
Radiation angle:25 degrees in the horizontal plane. 32 degrees in the vertical plane
Swr: <= 1.5.1
Weight: 400g

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