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Don't believe everything you hear

Miernik grubości lakieru Blue Technology DX-13-S-AL

Take a helper, a reliable paint meter.

Every car buyer wants to be sure of that  varnish on the car  is as it should be. That the car is not accidental and there is a ton of putty. Therefore, if we are going to go shopping for a new car, let's buy one first varnish meter.  We can divide such measures into two groups; electric and dynamometric. In short, the electric must have batteries, the torque must not. Both types of testers will do coating measurement  non-magnetic on metal sheets. But, not all meters will measure on elements made of both steel and aluminum sheet. We must also remember that each meter must be periodically calibrated to operate correctly.

Miernik grubości lakieru DX-13-S-AL podświetlenie z info

Paint meter with pressure probe

Meter from the DX series  it's very easy measurement. The meter measures with increased resolution. Takes measurements on surfaces made of steel, galvanized steel, aluminum. Meter automatically detects the type of substrate  and informs about it by displaying an appropriate message on the display; "FE" - for steel and galvanized steel surfaces and "AL" - for aluminum surfaces. However, the backlight informs us about what is happening with the varnish. Green background - suggests the original varnish. Orange background - suggests two layers of varnish, and red background - suggests putty.

Opakowanie miernika grubości lakieru DX-13-S-AL

 The kit includes:
 Paint thickness gauge DX-13-S-AL
 instruction in Polish
 2 LR3 - 1.5V alkaline batteries
 "AL" and "FE" calibration and calibration plates
 24 months warranty
 fv or receipt

Zdjęcie real zestawu miernika grubości lakieru DX-13-S-AL

 Measurement on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum,
 Flat probe with clamp on an 80 cm cable,
 Large display illuminated in three colors,
 Built-in LED flashlight,
 Sixteen modes of operation,
 Sound hint system,
 Automatic switch off after two minutes of inactivity,

 Technical description:
 Power supply: 2 x 1.5V (we recommend LR3 alkaline batteries),
 Measuring range from 0 to 3000 µm for steel and from 0 to 2000 for aluminum,
 Working time up to 50 hours,
 Operating temperature from -20 ° C to 40 ° C,
 The device has a CE certificate,
 Polish product.

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