Paint thickness gauge P-13-S-AL 5000 micr.


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 Become a professional tester

Miernik grubości lakieru Blue Technology P-13-S-AL

Don't risk, check the thickness of the paint yourself

In each of the automotive guides, in every program about cars and in every conversation with a mechanic you hear how sales people lie. And even if you have the honest car dealer in front of you then you are still filmed by everyone around you, are you unsure whether these  car certainly wasn't "BITE ??" To be sure, just go shopping with a professional  varnish thickness tester.  Not a big cost but how many nerves saved.  P series meter that we offer today, is characterized by increased accuracy, a larger measuring range and ball probe . Such a probe will allow us to measure on any curves, posts or recesses.

Miernik grubości lakieru P-13-S-AL zdjęcia podczas pracy

The varnish meter P-13-S-AL is an accurate measurement of varnish thickness

Paint meter P-13-S-AL  will automatically make measurements for you on surfaces made of steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. Automatically detects the type of measured substrate and displays on a large readable LCD screen. If the FE symbol appears, it means that we study a steel surface and galvanized steel. The AL message is an aluminum surface.

Opakowanie miernikai lakieru P-13-S-AL

 The novelty is the screen backlight in one of three colors. The green background suggests that the car is on original varnish , orange is a suggestion of two layers of varnish while red is careful can be putty .

Miernik grubości lakieru samochodowego P-13-S-AL do 5000 mikrometrów

 The device measures at the maximum resolution of one micrometer. Its measuring range is up to 5000 micrometers

Miernik lakieru samochodowego P-13-S-AL zdjęcia real zestawu

 The kit includes:
 Paint thickness gauge P-13-S-AL
 instruction in Polish
 2 LR3 - 1.5V alkaline batteries
 "AL" and "FE" calibration and calibration plates
 24 months warranty
 Fv or receipt

Miernik grubości lakieru P-13-S-AL zdjęcia podczas użytkowania

 Measurement on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum,
 Ball probe with clamp on 80 cm cable,
 Measuring range from 0 to 5000 µm for steel and from 0 to 2000 for aluminum,
 Measurement resolution: 1 µm in the range up to 500 µm, 10 µm in the range up to 2000 µm and 100 µm in the range up to 5000 µm
 Large display illuminated in three colors,
 Built-in LED flashlight,
 Sixteen modes of operation,
 Sound hint system,
 Power supply: 2 x 1.5V (we recommend LR3 alkaline batteries),
 Working time up to 50 hours,
 Operating temperature from -20 ° C to 40 ° C,
 Automatic switch off after two minutes of inactivity,
 The device has a CE certificate,
 Polish product.

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